Creating a Swingbot Account

There are two ways to create your account:

From your iPhone or iPad:
* Open the Swingbot app that you downloaded from the Apple App Store
* Tap the NEW ACCOUNT button
* Complete the brief form (provide your email, name, and create a password)
* Tap SIGN UP.

From the Swingbot web site :
* Click on the CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP button
* Complete the brief form (same as above)
* Click on SIGN UP

If your registration was successful we’ll send you an ACTIVATION EMAIL to verify your email address. This is essential to your registration, and you cannot login until you have activated your account.

If you don’t see the ACTIVATION EMAIL, check your spam folder in your email program as sometimes this can get caught in the Spam filter.

Click the link in the ACTIVATION EMAIL to activate your account.

You now have an account and can upload a video of your swing and receive a professional and accurate swing analysis. There are 4 different purchase options for your lesson. See for the details.

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